A town in Wisconsin. Also known as "The Shaw" and "Waukeshit"...Waukesha is an indian word meaning "clean water" or "good water" but really the water here is making a LOT of people seriously messed up in the head!

However, it is famous for the fact that Abe Lincoln actually stayed in a hotel here because the water was so promising.

Waukesha, Wi takes great pride in being the hometown of the famous Les Paul, inventor of the electric guitar. pretty much the best invention ever!!! So without Waukesha, you wouldnt have rock music!

Waukesha also is hometown of the Gymnast Olympians Paul and Morgan Hamm, and hometown of the comedian Frank Caliendo (whom is Saturday Night Live alumni.) These three men all attended high school at Waukesha South.

Everyone says they hate this town if they live in it but most people either A. Never leave, or B. Leave and always end up coming back.

Waukeshas best food asset is the Ponza Rotta! at Jimmy's Grotto restaurant. The most AMAZING pizza filled pocket of your life.

Waukesha is filled with all sorts of types of people. A bunch of rich pricks are seriously taking over though! The town is also growing to fast for its own good, which will soon drive many away, we don't need to be another Milwaukee.

I'm going to Waukesha, Wi this weekend to taste the water, visit Les Paul, and get me a Ponza Rotta at Jimmy's Grotto!!!!
by waukeshahomeofthecrazy July 30, 2008
waukesha the weakkest town but Gangster Disciples are all up in it. its gettin more ghetto every day cuz more people from milwaukee and racine are comin here to live. lots of drugs are around and lots of black people and ricans. lots of mexicans are here too. hit up the 262 if u want to but i suggest goin to milwaukee instead
hey nigga lets go to waukesha, naww fuckk that lets hit up milwaukee instead
by Murda-Mil Folkk KK August 21, 2008
A strong hearted black women, who does not have time for anyone else. Waukesha often moves from place to place chasing her rent. She can be a kind person, but it takes time to get on her good side.
Sheit, Waukesha dont live here no mo.”

“You see Waukesha? No, she bounced!”
by FTOS_AW January 30, 2019
Like Waukesha West, only less sh!tty and more purple (making it gay). It is notable for its marching band and its members that never shut the front door about marching band 365 days a year. It is basically a bomb shelter and a black hole of cell phone service, which is bad because if a bomb did go off there the students would have no way to contact anyone. Good luck maintaining good eyesight after seeing the sun for the first time in 6 hours after school is over.
I need a place where I can be bored, not see the sun, be safe from bombs and not be able to text someone... Waukesha North sounds perfect.
by sdrawkcabsisiht March 26, 2011
A crap school no one wants to go to. Full of mexicans and Derrick Rendon. All the teachers suck and the school lunch will kill you. Seriously the food sucks and gives you diarrhea. The Mexicans all smell bad and thats pretty much it. Their is this teacher named Mr. Reincarnation and he is really gay.
I am going to Waukesha south to meet Mr Reincarnation and kill myself by eating the lunch.
by James Orlowski February 3, 2009
A totally not-cool school that fails in every athletic competition except marching band. Which they are also awful at. The school itself is populated by transvestites and Rodents of Unusual Size. The school colors are purple and white, an obvious nod to the Nazi's football team's colors during the 1940's Olympics.
Person 1: Hey, so you go to Waukesha North?

Person 2: Yeah.

Person 1: Don't come near me!!!
by drachea March 15, 2011