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See ebaums world and look at all of the stolen images - that "Ebaumsworld" black box at the bottom right is eBaum's watermark, which he uses to attempt to show ownership over stolen material.
We should watermark Eric Bauman's ass with Somethingawful.
by bassbaboonist January 09, 2006
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A label put on videos and photos that show ownership over that material. Can be found all over the internet, most commonly on YouTube videos made by, in which the label is displayed on the screen.
The website KissAnime puts a KissAnime watermark on the upper left of the screen to show you're watching the video on KissAnime.

The website iFunny puts an iFunny watermark at the bottom of all their memes to show the meme was originally created on iFunny.
by AUtoMaTicGUnsHoT February 26, 2017
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