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Having sexual intercourse while playing music from the Fallout game series in the background.
"Dude, I spent last night Wastelanding." "Awesome, I always do it better to some Bob Crosby."
by Justafriend July 13, 2016
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Spending time doing pointless bullshit or being otherwise unproductive. Wastelanding is usually an enjoyable activity (such as watching TV or playing video games) but ultimately a complete waste of time and of existence. Also known as "wasting away".
Person 1: Hey Spencer, what have you been up to?
Person 2: d00d I got Madden '08 and I've just been at home wastelanding

Guys Spencer couldn't join us this evening as he is busy wasting away

by Spencer Smith March 21, 2008
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the way in playing that makes you like a wastelander from jak 3. wastlanders are violent, rough, skillful in shooting, and rough
boy plays paintball and shoots another kid runs over and attacks him while beating him with his gun and his friend says,"dude stop wastelanding!'
by majoal October 24, 2009
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