one who is incapacitated by alcohol consumption that ordinary bodily functions such as speaking and seeing are substantially impaired. effects of those most often involve repeated vomiting, crying, sleeping, misconduct, forgetfulness, pain around or on the anal area, etc.
Dude, can you not pee on my carpet you wasted fuck.

That wasted fuck Will had so much to drink that he did not realize the huge man punishing him from behind.
by martin v January 22, 2004
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A worthless excuse for a human being. If female usually as about 4 kids by 4 different fathers...One of the suckers she leeches onto for child support. She gets as many benefits as all costs avoiding work. She will screw anyone then cry later...but nothing is ever her fault. She has an excuse for every shitty choice she has ever made in her sorry ass excuse for a life.
Man I can't believe that bitch Pam is still working the system..." ...."Yeah what a waste of fucking space she is"..."True Dat
by Istoppedthegravytrain August 4, 2010
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An individual who is so worthless/incompetent/lazy that it would've been more productive for offspring's parents to not have even had sex in the first place. (IE genetic material used to concieve this person was wasted)
After years of trying to convince himself that he was not a W.O.F., Tim finally gave in and shot himself.
by Q-tip motha June 14, 2004
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a person that you wouldn't sleep with for a million dollars, someone so not worth your time you wouldn't even sleep with them with a paperbag over there face and you were the last two people on earth
Oh that girl, she's a W.O.F. (Waste of Fuck), not a chance in hell.
by cdawg for rizzle October 13, 2005
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