metaphor. to flip the script. you lead your listener to believe you're speaking about one thing; but you are speaking of a completely different topic. you show them your left hand so they cannot view what your right hand is doing.
John Q enjoys dressing in the latest of designer fashion. He has diamond studded necklaces with matching bracelets and watches. He is seemingly the embodiment of "new money". On the outside.

In reality, John Q is a backpacker. He enjoys romping about in sweatpants and a tanktop listening to early 90's Hip Hop. De La Soul. Tribe Called Quest. Del The Funky Homosapien. Devin The Dude.

You warhol someone when they believe you are doing one thing; but you are doing the polar opposite.
by Cool Hand Rich June 01, 2006
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slang term for female genitalia used on the social media site twitter. often used in the twitter name of various members, usually as a last name, e.g. Gertrude Warhole.
him: your warhole sure looks tasty tonight!

her: bury your face in it and i'll swallow your warpole !
by Lance Warpole February 28, 2012
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When a person thieves your ideas and makes it their own
Hey Suzie, wasn't that your idea? Yeah brah, that biznatch Warholled my ass!
by suko May 22, 2015
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posting a google image to a friends facebook/ twitter feed in order to send a message. A picture after all is worth a thousand words. Reference to Andy Warhol a modern brilliant painter who used powerful images to make cultural and political points.
Adrian: Man I didn't feel like commenting on John's Tea Party post so I just found a picture of a don't tread on me flag and Warhol'd him.

Carlos: ha, easily one of the best Warholings ever!
by TexasHewlettPackard July 29, 2012
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A modern-day psychedelia band...their older albums put more emphasis on guitars, but their latest release 'Welcome to the Monkey House' features more synthesizers and effects. Very talented, very good.
The Dandy Warhols are featured in a new documentary movie called 'Dig'.
by moongunk January 02, 2005
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An artist whose legacy has been completely trashed and reduced to kitsch by the modern-day hipster populous.

Ironically enough, Warhol probably would have enjoyed this, as it would have meant money for him (thank you, Urban Outfitters and The Andy Warhol Foundation), which, at the end of the day, was all he ever really cared about, to the extent of alienating some of the only people who ever truly cared about him (Edie Sedgwick not included).
Person: Who is your favorite artist?

Freshman NYU art student: Andy Warhol.
by Humberttt November 25, 2007
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A hugely influential Pop-Artist, Film-maker, and Sculptor, along with being a sponsor of 'The Velvet Underground' in 1967.
Famed for works such as his Marylin Monroe, and Campbell's Soup Tin.
On of my favourite 20th century artists is Andy Warhol.
by Oliver S Knight July 25, 2006
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