A r0xx0r way of spelling wow.
0mg 1I3k 7h4tz z0 707411y WAO!
(Oh my goodness, wow!)
by wysiwyg January 9, 2004
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wide ass open. used in motorsports. holding throttle fully open as to allow maximum fuel/air mixture into the motor
"i had to hold it wao to get my fat ass up that hill."
"i overshot the turn because the throttle got stuck wao."
by eric ketchum February 22, 2007
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Person 1: "Wao, women are objects!"
Person 2: "Excuse me?!?! You're getting cancelled!"
by iTrollU September 17, 2020
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wao is juvdashavelnasifilgavadzuwdacziczigałastanomurasentegałszawiruwewuwewełaniwawafle
which just mean wow
1: yo i just got a pentakill
2: wao
by waoman January 3, 2020
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Another way of saying "wow," mostly if you're trying to be cute, or spontaneous.
Guy: "You wanna go to the movies tonight babe?"
Girl: "Sure, what are we watching?"
Guy: "It's a surprise"

-Later that evening . . . -

Girl: "Wao! Fast 6! This movie isn't even out yet!"
Guy: "Heh, you're so cute when you say that babe."
by Chanbodian July 15, 2011
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Wao... that’s so sweet
by Dynamitres February 24, 2020
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