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Atter, is a word meaning absolutely perfect.
When teamed up with Niki, the words PWN.
Guy 1: I saw a board and it was Atter.
Guy 2: Niki Atter?
Guy 1: 'Fraid So.
Guy 2: Duuuude.
by lol@aids December 09, 2006

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Someone who sees someone cool and then wants to be exactly like them
a person trying to be goth/scene/emo whatever...
There are a numer of these people at my school. They are all thirteen, they all have sidepartings and they all love HIM and bullet for my valentine. They all have stupid pictures of themselves looking shocked and pathetic and they all slit their wrists because someone who isnt a wannabee totally pwns them. A wannabee usually goes to see one band in there life, and that band wil always be my chemical romance.
wannabee: OMGF!!! my mum wont let me dye ma hair </3 </3
mcr fo lyfe!!!: *gasp* *hand over mouth* omg./ wat u gonna do?
wannabee: well when this girl is so totally wanna bum wasnt allowed she totally slit her wrists!
mcr fo lyfe!!!: lolz! that will so totally show them
by lol@aids December 09, 2006

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A gesture where you fling yourself wildly, shaking from head to foot. Can come on randomly or be planned. A spaz attack is the greatest of all comebacks. Very fun in a chemistry lesson.
Chemistry Teacher: I hate my life!!! *Spaz attack*
Me: Makes sence.
by lol@aids December 10, 2006

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or.. gettofmylife.
A very good term for when someone does something retarded or spazzy.
Incest Person: I fucked my mum!
Get the fuck off my life.

n00b: Lol, i have a weiner.
Me: ¬_¬ Gettofmylife.
by lol@aids December 10, 2006

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