a wanksta is a person who has the demeanor of a street thug or a gangster but in reality has never preformed such acts as a real gangster whould do, ie. capping someone (shooting) stealing. etc
wanksta a song sung by rapper 50 cent
wanksta = wannabe + gangster
Ja Rule

"damn man look at that white guy, he's a fucking wanksta"
by unfizzled January 7, 2006
a fake, pop "gansta" e.g 50 cent. Pretends 2 be ruthless but contradicts himself 24/7. all dey do is talk shit but does very little crime
50 cent claims "Ja rule tries 2 be the new 2pac" when he trys to become 2pac himself. Acts like the da Al Capone of the rap game wen anybody with slight intelligence will kno he's a pussy.
Wankstas are ordinary people who try too hard to be the STEREOTYPICAL GANGSTER. Ja rule's also a Wanksta by the way.
by Blaze Up January 14, 2006
an ordinary faker choosing to pose as a gangsta; often a DORK who either doesn't understand what they want, or, more often, knows what they want but decides every day to ignore their reasonable wants and needs for the sake of appearing "cool" and "hard," which never works out for them in any way.

see also: loser, pathetic, wannabe, poser, flambiguous;
So I see you're a WANKSTA today? What's the plan for next week? You'll pretend to be yourself?
by BnarD71 May 7, 2008
This word was created by 50 Cent in the song "wanksta" calling Ja Rule a "waksta".A "wanksta" is a very basic word meaning a person who acts/looks like a gangster or thug, but has never done anything gangster or thug-like besides acting or looking like one. It can be towards any race or ethnicity. The word does NOT imply a WHITE guy acting black.
50 Cent is a GANGSTA
Ja Rule is a WANKSTA
by JustinJS May 23, 2005
a combination of "wack" and "gangsta".
in other words a wannabe gangsta and a loser
wanksta: i'm a gangsta! see, ive got a wata gun
by ian g. June 30, 2004
a term for wanna be gangsters who walk, talk, dress, and act like gangster's, but dont do anything gangster. Dumbass 9 year olds use this term but think only black people are gangster.
Al Capone is white and he was a gangsta

Vanilla Ice is white and he is a wanksta
Cashis is black and he is a gangsta

Lil Wayne is black and he is a wanksta
The Latin Kings are latino and they're gangsta

Fat Joe is latino and he is a wanksta (although I do like that song "Lean Back")

Understand now that gangsters and wanksters come in all color's? I'm talking to you dumbass 9 year olds.
A Wanksta is simply a "WANNABE GANGSTA"...ie, someone who WANTS to be a Gangsta but never really does anything to deserve the title.

Wannabe + Gangsta = Wanksta
"He's no real threat...He acts all Gangsta, but he's jist a Wanksta"
by Booya Radley October 27, 2005