You have to ACT like a gangsta to be a wanksta. So people like em, nelly and puff arent wankstas cuz they never acted gangsta.
Ja Rule and the rest of Murder inc.
by Anonymous August 30, 2003
a mofo who think he tight but he never went to the hood and would die so bad
50 cent nuff said he is a wanksta and stop riding his dick
50 cent is a wanksta and so is ja
by butt August 23, 2003
Synonym for "gangsta", designed to highlight the fact that gangstas are almost invariably wankers.
Gasgsta = Wanker

Wanker = Gangsta

Wanksta = Wanksta
by Da Troooth October 5, 2008
bitchass niggas that wear all that fake bling and their fuckin retro jerseys with their matchin hat.
by Pop a Collar August 7, 2003
Everyone thinks that wanksta is a white-gangster but it is in fact another way of calling someone a wanker. It can also be a way of calling someone a white gangsta wanker.
I saw Baz wearing all his bling yesterday and his most thuggin' gear while he was threatening to duff people up...he really is a total wanksta.
by Lis November 30, 2004