1. Adjective describing that which has the properies of a wanker.

2. Adjective describing something that has pretentions of being really serious and important, but is really just a bunch of bullshit.

3. Abstract noun referring to the property of being totally fucking retarded.
"I'm sick of all these wankery Star Wars assholes trying to tell me George Lucas is a genius."

"This place reeks of wankery."
by Jonbron May 26, 2005
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Often used to describe the actions of some one playing a guitar, and to a lesser extent an electric bass.

Most times, Guitar/bass wankery is when a guitarist/bassist makes excessive use of soloing and techniques such as shrills, taps, slaps & pops, slides, bends, sweeps and the like to the point where its nothing but self satisfaction.

Since such self satisfaction is often said to come from showing off to people with the talents listed above, it has become widely known amongst guitarist/bassist as Wankery.
Some douche in Guitar Center was trying to impress people with some guitar wankery.
by TvsPatrickDuffy August 29, 2005
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The name given to a specific room in a house dedicated to wanking. When 3 or more people use it once it becomes known as The Wankery.
paul, tim, simon: *wanking*
tim: Hey guys! looks like this is The Wankery now LOL
by mommysmilk.xxxxx January 14, 2022
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A cute way of saying wanker however can annoying to a indivisual
by Jamypower June 29, 2021
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Language that academics use to bamboozle and confuse poor, unsuspecting students. The language encorpourates long and technical words designed to display intelligence and knowledge of literary terms but all it really shows is that the author is an academic WANKER! Or A.D for short.
A.D- A knowledge of contextual information broadens ones analytical and probing skills that adds dimension to the concept of existential construct developed after World War One.
Student- I don't get it!
A.D- That's because it really doesn't mean anything and I could probably sum up my point in one sentence because it is so shallow and brief but I would rather confuse you with my extensive knowledge of fuck all!
Student- Aha! Academic Wankery!
by Anna June 30, 2006
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