walter the iconic dog of all and reins superior
do not mess with this absolute unit
did you hear when walter the dog said hello MIKE
by michealrosen April 16, 2020
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Walter the dog is not dead, there are manye posts that he indeed is dead, however he is my dog and he still lives
Oh my gawd did u see the new post about walter being dead, he was such a cool dog...

Yea u know walter the dog? He is alive so stfu
by beastmaester 64 July 13, 2020
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An immensely popular series of children's books written by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray with illustrations by Audrey Colman. Walter is an ugly but lovable mutt rescued from the dog pound by two warm-hearted children. However, Walter has a problem, he is constantly farting the most ghastly farts one has ever smelled, which almost send him back to the pound until he proves his worth by foiling a couple of house-breakers with his awful gas.

The Walter franchaise has five entries thus far: "Walter the Farting Dog," "Trouble at the Yard Sale," "Rough Weather Ahead For Walter the Farting Dog," "Walter the Farting Dog Goes on a Cruise," and "Walter the Farting Dog Banned From the Beach." All have made it on the New York Times Bestseller List.
Each time a new Walter the Farting Dog book comes out, we gather around at bedtime and I read about Walter's newest exploits it to my excited children, as they make wonderful bedtime stories.
by Rollo & Biff November 24, 2007
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