After consuming a 5-way, spontaneously wandering around the city in search of safe haven to ventilate the pressurized buildup of kidney beans, onions, spaghetti, cheese and meat sauce.
After his Cincinnati Walkabout, Gary realized that he left his pants at home and he had crossed the river.

The amber alert was canceled after Stephanie returned from her Cincinnati Walkabout.
by andrewesq August 22, 2012
The quest for aluminum cans to be recycled for cash by the poor and disenfranchised.
"Where's Clem?"
"He's on redneck walkabout so he can afford to get mama a new spittoon for her birthday."
by benbin65 September 21, 2013
it means gone missing in Australian English
My mate's gone walkabout for 6 days!
by 420 awy February 20, 2017
When you're outside weaving around, phone aloft, on a quest to find wifi.
Dang, my moms doesn't have wifi, so I had to go on a wifi walkabout.
by OllieOllieBoBollie January 11, 2020
when your lady walks around in her panties or when you see a nice ass walking along the beach.
Good morning. I see you are on a cheeks out walkabout
by eddykeepstime February 4, 2021
A woman, most likely your girl. She will just randomly just get up and do something different when you're chilling together.
Hey Crystal we just started watching a movie. Where the fuck are you going, walkabout queen?
by The kreeateor May 5, 2020
Long hike or camping trip with no amenities.
Dude on PBS documentary was on Canadian walkabout following moose.
by Kjahnke812 January 19, 2017