(Police) slang for sirens, because its wailing sound.
That guy was driving so fast I had to hit the wailer.
by krisk July 21, 2012
Wailer---a woman who, in the act of sexual intercourse of any shape and/or form, deems it necessary to moan for an extended period of time, actually making a rather unnecessary ''UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH'' sound. If you are experienced enough, you will also know that this can lead to the fabled female orgasm, and for those of us with godlike endowment, the explogasm. This can often frighten away the unfortunate soul who has rounded home with the said wailer, and make him or her disappointingly terrified of intercourse
by j-bone and bdazzler May 11, 2007
Found in the Star Wars universe most notably in the Return of the Jedi. A jizz-wailer is a musician who plays a fast, contemporary, upbeat style of music.
(1) "Man that Jizz-Wailer can really shred".

(2) "I had a band of Jizz-Wailers play at my wedding".
by starwarsgeek March 10, 2010
A child, usually but not limited to three years of age or younger, who feels the need to scream at the top of their lungs any time they're in a large store, usually a Walmart, and expecially when they don't get something.
"My sister was a Walmart Wailer. That's why my mom had to beg me to go to the store."

*child screaming in the same isle as you, making a chain reaction from all of the children in the store*
by AWWAleader September 2, 2011