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See WAFF. In regards to a yaoi/yuri fanfic, sentimental and mushy. Antonym: PWP.
Duo's such a horny little bugger, how come so many 1x2 fanfics are WAFFy?
by junkyard prince October 18, 2003
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Girls: "AJ is so waffy that I wanna fuck him."
Girls 2: "Yes yes, we agree."
by Waffy AJ May 10, 2009
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Something so unacceptably strange and unexpected from normal members of society that it transcends the traditional words that describe something weird; derived from "Weird as Fuck" and may be extended in extreme situations to "Weird as Fucky." Use this adjective with caution, because there WILL come something in your life that's even weirder than the shit you normally encounter.
Candy: "Yo, did you see that guy's old pictures on Facebook?"
Leslie: "Yeah he used to be friends with a gnome...WAFFY..."
Candy: "Did you see the one with the sombrero?"
Leslie: "Yes, WEIRD AS FUCKIEST thing I've ever seen..."
by squealingpiglet November 09, 2011
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One who DDRs excessively. Concurring symptoms may include extreme homosexuality.
"Dude, that guy was a fag." "Correction; that dude was a waffy."
by Arnold K. September 21, 2003
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The artist also know as (###).
Likes men.
*Waffy has joined #ddrevolution
<JapanMan> (###)
<Waffy> (###)
<Waffy> hey
by JapanMan September 28, 2003
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