//often unintelligent
//acts completely upon impulse
//always left handed
//can be seen carrying devices that are meant to be stationary as if they are mobile.
//approx 5'7"
//gingerly brown hair
//approx 150lbs
//squinty eyes
//always a sandwich artist
//speaks in code \\"i just beasted"\\ ((smurfish?))
//typically artistic - could be linked with autism
//chases fireflies crossing the street \\"cross the street!!"\\
//lives on xboxlive
//loathed by miniature pinschers
oh look! its nin00b ; the n00bsauce
by kola_thegreat February 27, 2009
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a sauce in which n00b is purayed. if someone is being a n00b and pulls something worthy of a n00b, it was a move of n00bsauce.
guy 1- what did you have for breakfast?
guy 2- i had cereal, but spilled the milk everywhere.
guy 1- so you basically ate n00bsauce?
guy 2- pretty much....
by skierguy1111 January 29, 2008
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