To waffle is to rant or go on and on.

My friends wont stop waffling like damn i dont care dude.
My friend wont stop waffling ! What should I say?
Say " did i ask?"

My friend is being such a waffle but i dont have the time for it
by Mike oxl0ng March 25, 2020
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When women want doughnuts ......see doughnut.
Yo its 12 o clock foo lets go waffling.
by Yo dude August 24, 2004
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To continuously use the word waffle in ever day vocabulary.
Did u read that explosm comic that i sent xD AAAAAAHA.. cracked me right the waffle up.. omfg i cant stop waffling!!!
by Ky Renee December 23, 2008
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'Filler text' conversation, the verbal equivalent of Lorem Ipsum; where words and sounds are heard but nothing is actually said, i.e no context or substance. This is typically witnessed in politics, mumbling noises until the moment is over, or a new distraction is present.
Boris didn’t answer the question at hand, we were subjected to a right load of Wank Waffle instead.
by TheGreenGoddess October 22, 2020
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