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to defecate in the shower and then proceed to try to stomp it down the drain with your foot
In a hurry to cover up the evidence, she waffle stomped.
by Leia Nelson May 18, 2005
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verb. To defecate on a shower floor near a drain and to begin stomping the fecal matter through the drain, thus creating a waffle imprint.
I totally wafflestomped in Joey's shower last night. He's such a fucking retard.
by Miles M. November 10, 2006
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When you take a shit in the shower, and stomp it down the drain with your foot.
If I get drunk enough tonight, I'm gonna use it as an excuse to waffle stomp my ex's shower. Fuck her house party!
by Smooth Buns 69 January 13, 2014
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When one poops in the shower, and stomps it down the drain with bare feet. making the poop into what looks like waffles
dude, i shit in the shower and stomped it down the drain. waffle stomp
by MrBigglesworth1990 January 14, 2012
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The act of taking a shit in a shower and stomping it down the drain, which typically has a bunch of square shaped holes in it, like a waffle. Hence the name "Waffle Stomping".
Bro someone was waffle stomping in this shower...
by BoostedBoy November 21, 2017
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the act of stepping on feces in the shower as to push it down the drain through the slotted drain cover creating a waffle like poop squirt. waffle stomped - past, waffle stomping - present progressive waffle stomper - nasty hoe
After eating some taco bell, bad bottom bitch Bobby used his fleet enema while taking a shower at the local bath house. To his horror, the drain cover was welded in place, forcing Bobby to waffle stomp the massive dookie down the drain.
by HellaGood1999 June 17, 2018
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When you're a semi-big boy and you take a poo poo in the shower and stomp it with your wet foot down the drain. This most commonly occurs in schools, but some retards even do it at home.
Disabled swim coach: Well what the kids are doing now is this thing called waffle-stomping, where they stick a turd on the shower drain and stomp it straight through... It drains straight to the pool... I've had to clean up 3 stomps this month.
Hall monitor Helen: Ay, no running you cock sucker.
by Markosos G. October 05, 2018
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