a site created by webdevelopers whose only purpose is to misinform other webdevelopers in order to keep their job
A: I know HTML-FU.
B: Show me.
A: <FONT SIZE="9999"><BLINK>W3Schools</FONT></BLINK>
by Wes2912 January 11, 2015
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The best website to learn how to create a website. If you want to learn how to code your own webpages this is the place to start, and come back to when there is something you don't know.
Other useful sites include Stack Overflow (stackoverflow.com).
Person 1: Hi come check out my website. I coded it myself!
Person 2: Wow where did you learn to code?
Person 1: W3Schools.com
by mrsomebody1 December 1, 2017
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W3Schools is a tutorial site that teaches you almost everything you need to know about the different programming & markup languages used to create a website. It includes detailed information on HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP.
It also includes Try It examples which allow you to edit code and see your changes just by pressing the "Run" button.
Person 1: Woah where did u learn 2 make websites?
Person 2: W3Schools.com.
by mrsomebody1 November 15, 2017
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