"Learn to code" is something that snarky journalists used to tell to actual skilled, blue collar laborers like coal miners. Who, through no fault of their own, ended up losing their jobs due to a certain administration. It was cool, and funny to say that to those people, on Twitter in 2012.
In 2019, when the same snarky journalists get laid off, and their twitter followers tell them to "learn to code" is a malicious, harassing term, that will not be tolerated by Twitter's terms of service and then result be a ban-able offense with zero tolerance.
SJW Journo: after 3 years of gender issues opinion commentary, I got laid off from Vox. I love my coworkers and thank them for this incredible journey
Twitter_rando: learn to code
SJW Journo: I need my safe space!
by Davester75 January 29, 2019
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A slang term aimed at insulting an individual to pick another career because they suck at their job and life. Something that used to be funny and stopped being funny after members of the media were laid off, at which point it became a baseless racist microaggression.
by February 2, 2022
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