"Johnny was vooping in the bathroom again, now it smells like sweet tarts and shit."
by Goatnapper November 23, 2013
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Kenneth was at Brisbane vooping in order to mask the smell of his giant shit. Yall already know they have no toilet paper so Chipotle napkins it is.
by Lambda Theta Dictionary March 21, 2017
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The act of using your vape while taking a poop.
"Yeah, I'll be right there.. I'm just vooping."
by chhelx February 25, 2016
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The act of taking hits out of a vape while taking a poop.
Yo, I'm going to take a quick voop. Than I'll meet you guys at Taco Bell, I will have the munchies.
by Captain Reefer May 28, 2013
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Taking your vape with you to the bathroom and vaping while you poop to cover the stench.
"Yo, why is the bathroom foggy?"
"I was vooping."
by KermitMarbles December 07, 2016
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The event that occurs when your sphincter and your stomach simultaneously contract so violently that you have to make the ill fated descision of whether you have to poop or vomit more at that moment. Inevitably you end up doing both at the same time which is so embarrassing that regardless of your age a call to you mom is placed.
Last night I drank so much that I ended vooping in my girlfriend's parent's toilet and tub. Twenty minutes later my mom showed up with a towel ... why won't she call back?
by capngrumpy January 01, 2006
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1)Collective coolness describing a lavish lifestyle that is associated with fast cars , high fashion , sexy perfumes , beauty , partying and clubbing culture.

2) General vanity.

1) I love his voops. ie , I love his lavish lifestyle.

2) The Footballer lived a voopsy life.
by Verity Fair June 21, 2009
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