An extraordinarily large word. A word that only the pedantic use.
by John Paxton March 21, 2005
A long word.

1. Given to the use of long words.
2. Long and ponderous; polysyllabic.
A sesquipedalian is Throwing long word in a sentence that is un-needed:
Gregory found traffic court a Kafkaesque experience
by Chiliad May 16, 2006
A big ass word that can be used to describe someone that uses big ass words
by Asdfghjkl69420 December 19, 2019
A lover of words; particularly long words. These people don't merely love these words, they lust these words, they fantasize about them, they fucking ADORE THEM!

The lives of Sesquipedalians are words, they live, breathe and eat words. Literally. Extreme Sesquipedalianism (or ES) is a condition whereby a patient reports excessive masturbation and intrusive sexual thoughts about words. Treatment is sparse.
Nick: Hey, I redecorated the bedroom with Predominantly last night.

Warren: You're such a sesquipedalian! I love Paradoxically so much I think i could cry.
by WizWaz91 February 24, 2011
Let’s start off with a word related to the business of “longest words.” Sesquipedalianism is the tendency to use long words. And, a sesquipedal is a person who has sesquipedalian tendencies.

The word is traced to the ancient Roman poet Horace, who in a treatise on crafting poetry, wrote that in certain circumstances, one must avoid sesquipedalia verba, a Latin construct meaning “words a foot and a half long.” Horace clearly had a sense of humor. (Source-
Scenario #1-

Characters: Jenna, and Jackie.

Jenna: "Hey, Jackie, I love your hair it stands out so much and looks so good." "You, are far-most, the prettiest girl, and you would be a great {Sesquipedalian}.

Jackie: "What is this word, it's very prepossessing, and long, what does it mean?".
Jenna: "Sesquipedalian, is the tendency to use long words and is a person who has sesquipedalian tendencies, also addressing to you."
by;MC-REN-213-C^ January 31, 2019
a man, a girl, a dinosaur. a cat can fight yet that's not true. dogs can bark that's what they do. oh well, oh well, what is the sky. the thing above us will make us die.

this word is hard just like a card. get off the internet you fricking lard
by D3ad3y3 March 9, 2023
adj. Characterized by long words; long-winded
As someone who is quite Sesquipedalian, I make it my mission to use loads of long words in all my conversations.
by An amazing, beautiful, March 19, 2019