The words that are programmed into your T9. Usually everyday words are already programmed in but you've always got to add the extra words that spice up your T9.
Dude: lol last night was freaking bzfsmmf.
Guy: dude what???
Dude: sorry this is a new phone. i dont have much of a t9 vocabulary yet.
by aseaisank July 7, 2009
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1. A big word that basically means roasting or insulitng
"Damn that was some fucking nuts Vocabularious Obliteration"

"Bruh I just Vocabulariously Obliterated that guy over Xbox"
by TheFirstAlbinoShaq April 25, 2022
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Wanda; MANwanda; someone who wins a vocabulary contest or whatnot; preferably a man with strong female characteristics; often because of their sexy vocabulary
As miss vocabulary walks on the stage, the judges notice how sexy her vocabulary is.

His sexy vocabulary compensated for his strong female characteristics.

"C_" thinks miss vocabulary has sexy words.
by TREEsa :D April 2, 2005
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Google Vocabulary is when somebody uses a word that’s definition is not widely known. Google Vocabulary is when you ask a question about something and that person uses terms that you or the general public doesn’t know the meaning of. The use of google vocabulary is used to boost ones ego by sounding smart but in turn what they are saying is not properly understood. Thereby using google Vocabulary or big words that are not widely understood hurts the ability to communicate properly and get points across. Google vocabulary is usually used in arguments to sound smart or used when someone is unknowledgeable on a subject and asks a question and the answer tries to impress them with their knowledge but doesn’t help the questioner as he doesn’t understand the vocabulary being used. Using big technical words to someone clearly ignorant of the subject
Bro 1: Dude how is moonshine made?
Bro 2: Bro you have to make a distillery my favorite way to do this is using Saccharomyces cerevisiae Because the high ABV% in a grain mash. I always run a thumper with copper pipes to get sulfur out in copper sulfide. Then collect it out my worm in mason jars.
Bro 1: Woah dude calm down with all the google vocabulary I don’t know what any of that means.
by Dr. Shrek October 31, 2020
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a phrase meaning: learn not only social manners, but, above all, how to correctly talk to your elders and people with more power and/or authority than you.
younger brother: yo Amos, you big bully of a brother, give me your candy.

Amos: Sean, idiotagers have no manners these days. I am giving you two choices. now choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. one, either you eat your own cheese for talking to me like that, or two you improve your vocabulary. Got that? Now, go scratch yourself and come back to me when you have made up your mind.
by Sexydimma February 21, 2013
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While writing a phrase or word the begins with the letter C, the C is then replaced with the letter K to make it sound Kool. This type of vocabulary can always makes the most dull sentances look so much more intesne.
Regular sentance: "I must now Combat with the mighty Comotose Crabs of Concubine and Crush the Crazy Cougars before the great Crackers of Canada Cock block all the Crackreads in Columbia."

Kool Sentance: "I must now Kombat with the mighty Komotose Krabs of Konkubine and Krush the Krazy Kougars before the great Krackers of Kanada Kock block all the Krackheads in Kolumbia."

Mortal Kombat Vocabulary is the Key to Kool writing.
by maxatron July 30, 2009
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