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*posts on Snapchat a picture of her boyfriend*
*next snap*
Miah: that’s my boyfriend vls
by TanaThot69 July 31, 2018
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Short for Vinyl Single.
A gramophone record,which usually contains an artist's one or more songs.
It has "A" and "B" sides,usually containing a song's Radio Edit,Album version,instrumental,and acappela.
Played by DJs on turntables.
- Playa01: any new joints this week bro?
- XThugfaceX: I've got da JMT-Heavy Metal Kings VLS yesterday.It's da shit!
by dryma January 21, 2009
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Acronym. Virgin Love Syndrome. The strong irrational love and connection felt with the person who removes ones virginity. Often causes irrational behavior and delusions of forever
That girl has a severe case of VLS since she slept with Johnny
by Kyle Heeley December 26, 2008
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Vibrating Leg Syndrome - The phenomenon that occurs when you think that you're getting a call when your phone is on vibrate, but it's only your leg twitching. The phone in question may not even be on your person, which makes this phenomenon even stranger.
Hold on, I'm getting a call...oops, never mind, I don't even have my phone on me, its just VLS.
by Harmanecha June 05, 2009
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Acronym: Vagina Life Support. Very simply a woman who is good for nothing more than keeping her vagina alive. Usually refered to bitchy, all-together useless women as a derogatory term.
1) Paris Hilton
2) That bitchy slut that's in your English class

Guy 1: Dude that bitch you're dating is nothing more than a damn VLS.
Guy 2: No shit, why do you think I'm even with her? I'm in for the 'V' you idiot. (Looks down to his VLS who he is using as a footstool) Hey bitch, make me a sandwich!
by DatelessWonder February 03, 2009
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