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A girl who is the most hottest thing i've ever seen. She is smart and hot, yet dateable. But she's shy and different from the others. That's why I love her.
Guy 1: Oh god did you see her today?

Guy 2: Viviane? Yeah she's a fucking goddess.

by im in love with viviane... January 24, 2009
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Viviane is a girl which you will not regret meeting. She is lovely, exciting, sportive and game for anything. She is adventurous and kisses better than any girl you will ever kiss.
She is smart but sexy. She is everything could ever want.
Man, I wish I could date Viviane; she is more than I ever dreamed of.
by chadman April 19, 2012
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An asian girl with a fantastic big ass. She's super hot and super pretty too. She's smart, shy, quiet, loud and nice. Get to know her!
Guy 1: Damn have you seen viviane's ass today?

Guy 2: It looks bangin'!!
by shesthe best January 14, 2010
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