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Emoticon for a smiling face smoking a cigarette or cannabis joint.
Tyrone: u apyt ir in ym buee
Fred: How come your typing sucks today?
Tyrone: eghegfeerui :)-
by Big Pimp Daddy June 23, 2007
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A truly sickening sexual deviation. It involves the male partner tucking his erect member between his thighs and trapping it there, poking out backwards like a straightened out pig's tail.
That girl last night was so dirty she let me pull a reversy Percy on her!
by Big Pimp Daddy March 16, 2010
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NOT actually the plural of virus. It is latin for men. The plural of virus is viruses. Anyone who says otherwise is a flaming faggot.

by Big Pimp Daddy May 9, 2004
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Insertion of 4 items into an orifice or receptacle. The items inserted are generally, but not limited to, male genitals.
For when DP just isn't enough.
The wife and I are going to push the boundaries today. We're trying for quad penetration...
by Big Pimp Daddy May 8, 2004
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Butter made from the milk of any animal other than a cow. ie, human, dog, antelope, giraffe.
Gerth: "This toast tastes funny."
Nobby: "That's 'cause I made the butter."
Gerth: "You mean...."
Nobby: "That's right baby! It's butter from another udder!!"
by Big Pimp Daddy February 28, 2011
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An extremely gratifying sexual release, achieved whilst standing. Causes one to wiggle one's hips and stomp one's feet, much like a dance, but without the beat.
That girl gives the best head! I swear it's a wigglestomper every time with her!

Rick: "I swear that cashier just did the wigglestomp..."
Tony: "That's why they don't have full length windows on the cashier's booth."
by Big Pimp Daddy March 17, 2010
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