Band formed in 1980. THEY ARE NOT DEAD. A lot of people think the band collapsed, but alas, that hasn't happened. The drummer plays a snare, and it's the only percussion in a lot of the songs. I love em so much!
Wow man I thought they were deceaced.

Fo' schizzle, I just went to see em two weeks ago at Artscape. Super concert.
by SweetCheeks July 27, 2004
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do you do too many drugs? i do too many drugs. do you do too many drugs too?
by dc January 18, 2005
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Quite possibly the single greatest band of all time...they are better than most people give them credit for...not only did they make the song "Blister in the Sun," they also made a shitload of better songs.
Jack: "OMG, the Beatles are the best band of all time!"
Sam: "NO WAY! Dude, its all about Taking Back Sunday!"
Mike: "Go cut yourself, emo boy. Violent Femmes is the best band of all time!"
Nikki: "Tru dat"
by Lutkefish November 17, 2005
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possibly one of the raddest bands in past 20 years, definately my favorite band since ac/dc, i know theyre like completely different but they both my favs. most ppl no thm for the song blister in the sun but they have far better songs, tho that song is good too.
by ridin' my green bike September 12, 2005
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an 80s rock band that played a very sex pistols style but paved the way for new generation punk rock
the violent femmes wrote "blister in the sun"
by matt November 24, 2003
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A 3 piece punk-folk-rock-band from Milwaukee. Relatively well known to generation X-ers for their college anthems ("Add it Up" "Blister in the Sun" "Kiss Off" "Gimme the Car").

They consist of Gordon Gano (Vocals, Guitar) Victor DeLorenzo (Drums, back up vocals) & Brian Ritchie (insane bass guitar, back up vocals - some lead).

One of the greatest bands of the last 20 years, and definitely the best live act still touring today.

Unfortunately, a lot of their catalogue has been overshadowed by their #1 hit "blister in the sun" - one of their lesser tracks, but one that had an infectious refrain which caught the attention of the mass consciousness.

They've had a few revivals (or just off mainstream revivals) over the years. "American Music" was a big hit from "Why do birds sing", "Blister in the Sun" is a movie soundtrack favourite and Ethan Hawke covered "Add it Up" in Reality Bytes.

Tragically, a mini-thesis could be written on how the usage of the song "Add it Up" (and the censoring of it) within Reality Bytes represented exactly what was lacking in the movie.

Still, there are few bands with more quotable songs - and fewer bands with more rabid fans.

Trivia: Even if you haven't heard of the femmes, chances are you've heard Gordon play - as the guitarist for the Law & Order theme.

"Add it up"

Why can't I get just one fuck?
Why can't I get just one fuck?
guess it's got somethin' to do with luck
but I've waited my whole life for just one....


"Hallowed Ground"

Everyone's trying to decide
where to go when there's no place to hide
I follow the bombs as they're coming down
this must have been, hallowed ground.


"American Music"

did you do too many drugs?
I did too many drugs
did you do too many drugs, too?
by dtrax May 20, 2005
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