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Vilgot is a male old-Swedish name meaning "Den väntade goten." Many think that the name origins from the german name Liebegott. Gott, meaning god.

That is why Vilgot is such a strong god-like personality. A natural born leader with an influencing confidence. Radiating authority, consideration, and altruism.
"Was that Jesus walking by?"
"No, he was just a Vilgot"
by The swede. October 26, 2016
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Vilgot is a person that likes to play with peoples feelings and does not care about others.
he is usually very bad against hes parents and doesn't mind breaking the rules.
he is usually good looking but also a douchebag.

person 1 - Wow that guy is cheating on her!
person 2 - He most be a Vilgot!
person 1 - Wow that guy is cheating!
person 2 - He most be a Vilgot!
by alluuuu July 20, 2015
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