4 definitions by SUUUUUUIIIIIIIII

Erik is a person who is so white that he looks like pure light. They have a personality that is flatter than a flat-earther's earth. An Erik also has the humor of a racist 2-year-old. Erik's jokes mostly consist of almost saying the N-word. They also look like they've never touched grass.
Guy - Is that guy a racist or a Erik?
Me - yeah that's definitely a Erik
by SUUUUUUIIIIIIIII November 23, 2022
A Egli is a Albanien nationalist who hates Serbia and loves Kosovo
Guy - he must be a Egli

Other guy - yes
by SUUUUUUIIIIIIIII November 23, 2022
Theo is a person with more leg then upper body, A shit australian accent, and gives a 1 million mile stare. A Theo also has emo hair, and only has baggy clothes.
Guy - Damm that person looks wierd.

Other guy - He must be a Theo.
by SUUUUUUIIIIIIIII November 23, 2022
A rasist Swedish boy and a supporter of SD
Vilgot is bad
by SUUUUUUIIIIIIIII October 5, 2022