reasons why KK and Doom don't kill live targets often.
Thanks to GTA Vice City, KK and Doom dont have to play gun tag with tyhe Lyle Avenue bums today.
by James Bourne. September 16, 2003
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Chels: Well honestly, VIDEOGAMES!
Spencer: is that anything like videogames?
Chels: yes, only much more better.
by Spencer Crispin September 17, 2008
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A software program which is made scape goat by many parents on basis of complaining that they promote and embed violence into their children without knowing that they are fun to play.
Mom :- My son is playing Video games.
Neighbour :- looks like he is going to join the terrorists soon.
by forget_me August 25, 2019
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Why the fuck are you looking up the definition of video games?, how fucking dysfunctional are you?
How the fuck do you not know what a video game is, you absolute moron? are you literally over 50? How fucking primitive are you?
Shame on you, you fucking boomer, for not knowing what fucking video games are...
by BerthaDefines April 09, 2020
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A form of entertainment that is the scapegoat for:
1. Parents with poor skill sets to do their job.
2. Politicians who desire the votes of these lacking parents.
3. "Victims" of "video game violence."
Many of people point to incidents such as Columbine, Virginia Tech, Newtown, etc. as reliable sources of this new phenomenon known as "video game violence," however, many times the perpetrators of the act were often bullied and harassed by their peers, and were illegally supplied firearms by unlicensed sellers. Almost every time, the victimizers reached out to teachers, principals, parents, etc., but unfortunately their ultimate lack of action caused them to carry out their threats. Ironically, what caused this paranoia and phobia of video games is Klebold and Harris (perpetrators of Columbine) is they put how to make IEDs and pipebombs on a formerly DOOM blogging site.
Klebold: Teacher that kid called me a faggot and shoved me into a locker.
Teacher: Maybe if you stopped being a faggot, that wouldn't happen. (laughs with his fellow eggheads)
*couple days later*
Klebold: (firing 9mm sub)
Teacher: Pls Dylan no more pls.
Klebold: Lights out, faggot. (puts a 9mm round in teacher's skull)
*decade later*
Protester: Video games caused Columbine! Down with video games!
Redpilled bystander: You are the cause of all cancer in the world.
by IAmRonPaul May 27, 2014
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The best way to escape life. Video Games are awesome and a lot of fun! If your stressed, Play video games! I recommend a good PC or PlayStation!!!!
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by πŸ–•YAY May 20, 2016
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