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A relatively new form of entertainment. Kids with no lives are marketed towards more than any one else. Some kids say it is the best form of entertainment, when they never actually try anything else. You will never see a smile on someones face while they are playing video games. Note:if you play video games all day, or even an hour a day, you are a nerd with no real life.
Person with a life: Hey John, I'm going to Yellowstone, do you want to join me?
John the Nerd: NOOOO I'm trying to level up my elf!
Person with a life: You do realize you gain nothing out of video games right?
John the Nerd: NOOOO They teach me how to... I think you're right. NOOOOOO! I spent hundreds on my collection.
Person with a life: You are still a nerd who will inevitably fail at life.
by Videogamessuck September 25, 2008

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