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Short for "too edgy for me", a phrase commonly used in response to something obnoxious, irritable or cringe-worthy. It is also an effective general-purpose criticism that requires no effort on the maker's behalf.

Values can be also added onto the 2 and 4 for variety/emphasis, e.g. 3edgy5me.
A: Hey faggots, My name is John and I hate every single one of you.
B: 2edgy4me

A: jus wrote nigger in a handicaped toilet stall #fukdapolice #thuglyf
B: 6edgy11me
by alextrovert May 06, 2013

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Slang for COVID-19 that sounds as dangerous as AIDS.
You caught the vid? Shit man, praying for you.
by alextrovert November 17, 2020

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