Cool or awesome, used to emphasize a good quality about something
"How very!" or "Come on, Heather, it'll be very."
by Steve April 13, 2004
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An overused adverb meaning "in a high degree" or "extremely".

Ignorant people misuse it, in for example:
This Greek pot is very unique.
Katrina was a very disastrous hurricane.

Unique is unique. There is only one. How can you get more unique than that?
Something that is disastrous is just that. "Very" adds nothing.
She's very pregnant.
by soreofhing July 7, 2009
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another variation of teenage slang meaning tight, chill, sweet, awesome, cool, etc.
by lodani October 25, 2006
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a woman with a giant ass and voluptuous tits that gets all the guys
whoa did you see veri?? her tits are GIGANTICCC
by bigtitss101 May 22, 2020
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what people at fakefield are
jad is very very haram bc he dates people. he has dated so many girls that soon he is gonna run out and start dating men.
by zsexrdctfvgybhujn November 25, 2020
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When a man becomes pussy whipped; in a manner to which the girl doesn't ask but the man goes out of his way to do things he thinks the woman would like. Buying lots of gifts, etc.
Jerome buys a used car for his girlfriend of two weeks so she has a vehicle to drive, even though she never specifically asks for it. when people say the man is whipped, he and the girl deny it. the girl describes the man as very very loving.
by JJ48 October 22, 2009
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