The action of writing verses of a poem with another person, versing and taking turns, you go i go
Fool #1: I'm rippling the horizon

Like a ravenous lion
Fool #2: I'm swallowing serotonin

Mainling dopamine
Fool #1: I think we communicate the best when we're versing with each other
Fool #2: Why? Oh, cause you think you're the next Edgar Allen Poe right?
Fool #1: No, more like the next Emily Dickinson
by copacetic cutie July 17, 2010
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The gerund form of the "verb" "verse."

Presumably caused by people assuming that versus is spelled "verses" and is the present tense of a verb... but it's latin.
I'm versing him later in Smash Brothers.
by Kallandras December 8, 2016
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An amazing band in the U.K. ! They are one of the best boy bands you can ever come across !

You should defo check them out via YouTube and twitter @TheVerseOFF, you will not regret being a fan of them, they're really hard to not love.

They are jack JT dean and Alex they're such sweet caring people and such nice people to meet, I think they're so cute and dean is fit af 😂 Js

Btw if you see this it is jennie 😊 @JenLovesBrook 😂♥️
The verse are one of the best bands I have ever came across, I have made so many new friends through them ♥️ I am so thankful for them
by JenMolAmy June 15, 2017
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(ver-ss-ed) Saying someone played against someone/thing
1. Did you see the game where the Patriots versed the Cowboys?
2. He versed the person in the game.
by I_Am_A_Sexy_Beast February 17, 2011
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An abbreviation of the common English word "universe." This term is used in the futuristic language of the abruptly canceled Fox TV series Firefly.
I don't believe there's a power in the 'verse that can stop Kaylee from being cheerful.
by kryllum January 28, 2010
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They are shoes a.k.a. chucks or converses.
You cop those new verses?
by manifest August 27, 2007
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brand name of the prescription drug midazolam. versed is in a class of drugs called benzodiazepines. it is only available in the united states in the form of injection solution and usually only in hospitals. it has an extremely fast onset of action and a very short half life of approximately one hour making it ideal for sedation that has little to no residual hangover effect.
I was so freaked out about having my colonoscopy until they pushed some versed into my i.v. not only will i never worry about having a colonoscopy again, i look forward to it.
by pfoggy October 8, 2011
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