Brand of beer imported from Macedonia.
Let's go to Macedonia and drink some Vergina!
by Brad Carroll November 26, 2003
1. A virgin vagina
2. A womans genital area that hasnt yet been penetrated
by mel March 18, 2005
"vergina" often said by the infamous boddah` and is the ultimate source of the word vergina
"...well i still came out her vergina.."
by bodizzle August 7, 2004
Fucken vergina dude!
You gonna get that Vergina.
Fuck yeah im gonna get that Vergina
by Kurtishasabigdick June 17, 2019
A variation of the word "vagina", spoken in a thick southern U.S. accent.
Ted: Mmmmm-boy, Eustace.. that Susie sher haz one helluva vergina 'tween dem legs.

Eustace: Which wun's Susie? Rewind it fer me.
by Mero Collas April 23, 2009