A person who identifies himself as a vegan but claims to eat eggs as well.
I tried being a vegan but I missed my breakfast eggs so much that I turned into a veggan.
by agsilver February 19, 2016
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A person who doesn't eat any animal products except for eggs. A veggan will often try to find eggs from ethically treated chickens.
John wanted to become a vegan but he didn't want to stop eating eggs. John decided to become a veggan instead.
by homelesschocolate February 13, 2016
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Slang term for an Ovo-Vegetarian, that is a vegetarian who abstains from dairy products alongside with animal flesh.
"I'm a veggan."
"oh a vegan cool!"
"no, I eat eggs. vEGGan. Get it."
"oh... lame"
by HaveNot February 3, 2016
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A way of living which urges eating a plant-based diet with the exception of eggs from either pets or free range organic farms.
I am trying to eat more ethically , therefore I have become a Veggan.
by veggansoc February 26, 2016
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Used to describe a diet which is mostly vegan (no meat, chicken or seafood, dairy or animal by-products) but which does include eggs.
"I don't eat animals or dairy, but eggs are ok - I'm a Veggan."
by Antrimade December 26, 2015
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