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The correct term for someone mainly vegetarian but also eats fish and and other fishy products (like oyster sauce) is pesco-vegetarian.
Making up a word like vegequarian is fun but expanding your vocabulary could me more propitious.
by Conrad Barrington September 27, 2005
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A person who excludes all meat from their diet except for that from certain aquatic animals.

'Vegequarian' is often a more accurate (and always a cooler sounding) word than its supposed synonyms 'pescetarian' and 'pesco-vegetarian' since the prefixes of those words imply that only fish is eaten, while most people who refer to themselves as such consume many different types of marine life.
Since he had recently become a vegequarian for health reasons, Tom elected to order the shrimp scampi instead of a steak.
by nevir October 11, 2007
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a imbicile that believes that fish aren't a meat and that they don't have feelings, they generally are skinny little tan bimbos with big blue eyes.
vegequarian- "im a vegequarian because i whole heartedly want to help the animals, i like fish but they don't have feelings like the real animals."
by angryintellectual April 05, 2010
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