It is a short hand way of saying vegetarian.
Veg is often short hand for vegan.
"I'm veg"
"Well I'm vege".
by _answers_ December 01, 2007
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it has to do with all things vege-like, the epitome of all things vege.
the name for someone who shows pure ownage
Mildew: Vege you pwn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vege:yeah vege i know
cheddar: jes...
by paul April 01, 2004
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Veges is a minecraft player who tried to get gold division in ranked but lost 300 rating cuz he doesnt know how to play. TRASH.
by ripy June 04, 2021
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the newest vegan product by Worthington most useful while proselytizing to various cannibalistic tribes in Africa and inner Australia.
Sauteed in olive oil and garlic, this vege-human is quite tasty. All the body of the real thing with none of the guilt.
by ken69 January 26, 2009
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