vape nation, A nation dedicated to the homies who set out to rip the fattest vape cloud possible. They're experts in the art of vape tricks, spreading the word and blazing it hard.

Originally founded by Ethan Klein from H3H3Productions
"Go Green" "Yo wanna rip sum phat vapes?" "Vape Nash Yall" "Represent the nation yall" "vape nation"
by RepresentVapes April 21, 2016
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a collective of people dedicated to the purpose of vaping, and possibly, finding fresh memes. a term coined by none other than the Papa himself, given to us by the living meme Ethan Klien, of h3h3productions.
A bro telling another bro goodbye: "Vape Naysh ya'll!"

All of NYC: "Aww yah! Vape Nation!"

A bro that just ripped the fattest cloud: "Hell yah! Vape Naysh for life!"

A mute bro: "\//\"
by skywalker_OG May 2, 2016
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A group of individuals who've banded together to offset the large amount of hate towards the vape community. The group also vapes a lot around each other almost like a gay orgy. They sometimes chant "Vape Nation!" to let others know they're cool and in the Vape Nation.
Judith: "Hey Eugene did you bring your vape to school today?"
Eugene: "I sure did Judith!"
by BibleManDid911 April 12, 2016
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A movement started by Ethan Klein (papa bless) to spread the good word and get people to Go Green™. \//\
by boobyshits May 2, 2016
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A group of idiots from RVA that have never vaped before.
Grant Barcal is a part of the vape nation, poor guy.
by Swag Master 6969 March 30, 2016
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A fictitious club that has been endorsed by H3H3Productions. This "club" has been turned more into a meme the more it is mentioned. It also has a sign that you do with your hands making a "Vʌ", indicated you are a vape faggot.
Vape Fag 1: (With hands): "Vʌ"
Vape Fag 2: Damn you a real vape nation nigga
Vape Fag 1: VAPE NATION (while exhaling vape)
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Vape nation is one of the dankest memes on the internet. It is a quote used by the infamous Ethan from h3h3Productions and refers to people who vape.
There is a hand sign which also goes with 'VAPENATION'
Watch the original video on the h3h3Productions YouTube Channel for some gags and goofs.
Yours faithfully,

Papa Bless
by C-Eye-Oh April 9, 2016
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