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Most commonly used by guys who are known for seeking the fattest vapes and the most slammin' chub n' tuck. This is a sign of veneration for something done remarkably well, the opposite of a Bradberry if you will. Use at your own discretion, due to it's incredible ability of making people say it for no reason.
Ethan: "Hey man, are you up for some Chub n' Tuck lessons in the Park?"
Ethan B.:"Sure thing man, last one was dope! Papa Bless!"
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by Phantom Kaiser July 14, 2016
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A religious phrase, usually spoken in agreement to something pertain almost exclusively to the living meme Papa John.
"Praise Papa John!"
"Papa Bless!"

"I love me some Papa John's!"
"Papa Bless!"
by PapaJohn89 August 21, 2016
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A phrase used when expressing agreement or thanks to the great pizza king, Papa John.
The phrase orginated in the comment section of h3h3Productions video "Papa John -- h3h3 reaction video"
Youtuber: "Did you see the new Papa John meme Ethan posted? Papa bless!"
Redditor: "Papa bless!"
by FlubberJam January 06, 2017
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