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v. to make a serious face in order to make it seem like you're sober when you clearly are not. especially when cops are present.
dude there's a cop over there you better van dam.
by jerseygirl609 January 07, 2008
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(adj.), (v) The quality of acting sober when you are completely hammered.
Mike - Dude, you got so lucky last night. Those cops should have given you a DUI for sure.
Carl - Fuck the police.
Mike - Yeah, good thing you went VanDam on those pigs, or you'd be in jail right now.
Carl - I blacked out man, but I can VanDam any time I want.
Mike - Fuck the police.
Carl - Fuck 'em.
by FTPTilIDie December 12, 2009
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To dominate your opponent without paying attention, trying or (seeing) what is going on.
Spectator: "You just VanDam'ed him/them"
Player: "Thanks but I wasn't even paying looking"
by Brad VanDam September 15, 2007
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