word commonly used to replace the word 'Vagina'.

Vagoo is commonly used on a popular image board, in such phrases as "GODZILLA DEMANDS VAGOO" or "GHANDI DEMANDS VAGOO".

Vagoo refers to the vagina and also the substance in the vagina. ei; 'Augh dude she pulled it out and it was all covered in vagoo'.
"Did you see Alec last night? His shirt smelt like fucking vagoo!"
by LehAnonymous November 15, 2009
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Yesterday i felt up jim's vagoo. it was weird because jim is a man. i do not like jim's vagoo any longer.
by ron burghandy August 04, 2006
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A slang term for vagina used by losers on the internet who have never seen one in real life.
"dude that vagoo looks infected lol H4XX0RZ!!!11"
by bob777 November 02, 2008
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