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A specific type of golden parachute which refers to executives who receive a disproportionately large reward, bonus or bailout despite being painfully incompetent at their job to tragic ends and use said reward in irresponsible ways.

This is most accurately directed at executives in the finance industry who received money from the TARP act intended to save the economy and, instead, used it irresponsibly.

In parts of the US, pronounced "tar-POLE-ee-in bailout."
Man, can you believe those fuckers at Citibank? Got a TARPaulin parachute and pissed it away on interior decorating, hookers and blow. Get the pitchforks and torches, I feel an old-school populist rage coming on.
by ghost_brigade February 08, 2009
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To have sex with someone (whom you presumably dislike) with the intention of calling them in 3 months claiming to have contracted a minor STD.

This may be generally considered a passive aggressive version of the ever popular Hate Fuck.
Man, I totally just guilt fucked my ex. I hope she buys that she gave me the herp.
by ghost_brigade February 08, 2009
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This is a term synonymous with menstrual blood.
Man, my ex-girlfriend broke into my house and left me a little present on my pillow..a used tampon. There was vagoo ragú everywhere.
by ghost_brigade April 03, 2009
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