A dirty sex move where you shove a vaccum cleaner nozzel in a girls vagina, and your penis in her anus, then accidentally get your penis sucked into the vaccum cleaner.
Alex - I heard Stephen got the West Milford Vaccum Cleaner yesterday.

Mike - Yeah... poor bastard. Heard he got 12 stitches.
by ThefatkidfromWM March 12, 2010
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Just grab a vaccume, and succ.
Me: Ayo homie dont forget to vaccume your chromebook today.

Friend: Why?

Me: Its National Vaccume Your chromebook Day!

Friend? Bullshit.
by zeven717 April 25, 2021
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The art of sucking a fat cock while twisting your hand slurping everywhere and vacuuming da dick
Bro that bih gave me a big ass Sucky sucky twisty 3000 x vaccum slurpy twist
by masterBigZ November 22, 2021
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Giving someone who is defecating on the toilet a blowjob as they tak e a dump. The first as a way to insure a clean hammer. Others claim it originated in the UK as a way to reduce smagmaq
When a guy l is taking the browns to th e Superbowl he calls his old lady over and demands a blowjob. He makes sure to drop a load as he's receiving a San Diego Vaccumoiïm. You cab also hire a Mexican from Behind home Depot, however quality can be lacking and not up to California code.
by notskittles May 27, 2014
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Woman or lady that sucks up sploog
That chicks a sploog vaccum
by Big Stev April 13, 2021
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