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The coolest kid in the world, extremely strong and tall. Everyone loves Uzair.
Man thats cool! It's something Uzair would do.

I'm such a loser, I was I was like Uzair who has lots of friends,.
by thewholeworld April 09, 2005
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Believed by Jews to be the son of God. More commonly known as "Ezra"
The Jews call 'Uzair a son of Allah, and the Christians call the Christ a son of Allah...(Qur'an 9:30)
by puzo105 December 06, 2010
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A Turkish word for Ottomites. An uzair is commonly used in the shakespeare era. It has been used in some of shakespeare's most wonderful plays including Othello and such. An uzair is much like a jewish preist or also known as a ribi.
A : I'm an uzair
B : Oh yeah? Why's that?
A : I just got my barmitsfa
B : shit! u are an uzair lol.
by jacky chou April 03, 2008
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