A Midwestern dialect contraction for 'used to' primarily heard in the Chicago area.
I usta live in the city, now I live in the suburbs.
by Madtrollinbro April 15, 2020
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defecation, shit; named after obnovious internet denizen "ustathrowbombs"
"I just pinched a big usta."
by B. Bluntwell September 29, 2004
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A real fancy, nancy twinkie. Probably gay ... definitely fem.
I saw some real-life usta's at the Manhole last night.
by A. Dickhead February 03, 2005
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Someone that lost their Gnarly. They might at one point in their Life been Groovy, but now they pretty much just keep it Lame! Also they are contagious, Hanging Out with them SUCKS!"
Usta-Groover - "Hey Man why you having Fun?"

Rad Person - "Dude, we are at a Strip Club?"

Usta-Groover - "I can't remember how to Gnarly! Beer makes me Sick! And my Wife says I shouldn't be here!"

Rad Person - "I am sorry I couldn't here you I was looking at Boobies!"
by Don_Mayhem January 22, 2010
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unstoppable , someone who goes to the end , eye for creativity , open person with a good strong mind. capable of everything he wants , smart with high intelligence
by urbandictionary.1 February 18, 2017
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A numskull characterized by the possession of a feeble mind (or whatever passes for his mind) and untold ignorance. Known for blathering verbal diarrhea of the first order, symptomatic of early parental abuse and an inspired ability to swallow own cum.

Researches stereotypes and publishes them, so as to avoid taxing his mind, remembering details that occupies more than his limit of five brain cells.
by JoeThought June 13, 2008
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