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Information that is absolutely fucking useless to anyone unless they want to pursue a career that is extremely fucking important to remember otherwise your career and life is over as we know it.

Useless Fucking Knowledge accounts for many people who are Google Fucktards who present their arguments constructed on useless fucking knowledge.

Some of the following fall under the category of Useless Fucking Knowledge:

-Knowing how to operate a graphing calculator since not many jobs require you to operate a graphing calculator but to solve problems involving math (i.e - how many barrels are there)

-Remembering the periodic table, unless you are going to be a chemist, then you have a legitimate excuse

-Knowing how to get out of a stray jacket if you are being towed by a boat (And if James Bond is driving that boat, you're fucked otherwise)

...and much, much more. You could probably think of things that fall under the Useless Fucking Knowledge chart
Teacher: Okay children this is how you use a graphing calculator.

Student: *stands up* "Does anyone else think this is Useless Fucking Knowledge or is it just me?"
by Fuck this useless info October 12, 2011
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