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Look at that Juden.
I wonder if she gives good head ?

No, she's just a kepela
by Money budlinks October 28, 2013
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To wipe someone's (adult) ass other than your own
Everyone new they took the next step in the relationship when he ass wiped her when she injured her finger; now he can add ass wiper to his resume.
by Money budlinks July 11, 2014
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A term hard up guys use to describe vaginas cause day horny and da women just talk and don't play with thier penies
Want to see my big cock ?

No, but I'd like dinner and a movie with the other guy:)

Shes Mary Rottencrotch, I know because I saw full metal jacket and she must have a pile of poopy in it if she doesn't vant me
by Money budlinks October 28, 2013
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Use the bathroom

When a man thinks he needs a woman but really just needs to ejaculate on something, an enlightened Woman may says...



Would you please use the bathroom not me

An accommodating woman that doesn't want to upset the status quo, She might just put her hand on her chest Like protecting herself - Who me?

She will eventually come to her senses.
You are so magnificent I can see this really going places

That's nice, Use the bathroom!
by Money budlinks January 6, 2014
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