When someone is operating an piece of machinery or a vehicle, usually expensive, with no idea what they're doing.
"That kid just destroyed his clutch trying to do a burnout. All the gear with no idea."
"Look, now he has the hood up taking things apart. Should we tell him the clutch isn't in the engine?"

"My brother just spent over eighty grand on a sailboat."
"Has he ever sailed?"
"He went canoeing when he was 10. Once. He flipped the canoe."
"All the gear, no idea"

by BNox June 15, 2016
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When someone has all the equipment but are acc shit. Typically used for people playing sports
Barry turns up to play tennis with a newly strung Wilson's racket (sheep string ) with nike shoes but still shanks the ball

John ' all the gear no idea mate '
by December 30, 2021
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This is when you see people (mainly middle aged men) walking around an amateur golf range with all the equipment that has probably set them back a small fortune, however, they havent even played before and completely useless, yet they have still spent all that money.
Rob: Oi Dave, see that retard smash it into the bunker?
Dave: Yeah, guess hes another All gear, no idea hero....
by BrownusBearus July 25, 2010
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