1. The sound one makes when a bad design is present
2. What happens when you see a leprechaun.
Person A: "Wow... they used Papyrus."

Person A: "URGH"
Person B: "Where is he?!"
by Leonicus March 21, 2008
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Commonly used sound by women in the period before they menstruate. Symptom of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, see PMS.

Acronym for "Uterus Really Giving Hell"
Man: Hey babe! How was your day?
Women: URGH!
Man runs and hides from the destruction which is to come.
by Anbubryan May 08, 2011
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The sound someone makes in frustration or annoyance

What’s up bobby?
Don’t worry, I’m just really annoyed at this man who isn’t leaving
by Hehehebig October 30, 2019
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