Has risen above all of the previous “ur ___” jokes like “ur mom gay” and “ur dad lesbian”. Any time this is said, Trump gets one inch closer to pressing the nuke button, and God himself falls to the floor and start weeping.
John: ur mom gay
Mike: ur da- no, don’t make me do it

John: do it faggot

Mike: ur brother a mother
*John fucking dies*
by Mikeyisameme March 22, 2018
This is by far the worst insult you can tell someone in the entire universe. God himself forbids himself from speaking of this.
1: Ur Mom gay
2: ur Dad lesbian

1: Ur granny tranny
2: Ur grandpap a trap
1: Ur sister sisters a mister
2: Ur brother a mother
(Literally every living thing in existence gets the life sucked out of them)
by Mitchyboi March 14, 2018
This is not a phrase to use in light situations. Use with extreme caution
Carl: ur mom gay
Jeff:ur daddy lesbian

Carl: ur granny tranny

Jeff: ur sister a mister
Carl: ur brother a mother

*jeff turns into a pile of blood as the fabric of the universe collapses and destroys the existence of all mortal beings
by Meme pidgeon March 18, 2018
A more basic form of how god expelled satan from heaven.
This will instantly send a person to hell for internal surfing.
Joe: ur mom gay lol
Bob: ur dad lesbian
Joe: ur brother a mother
*the ground opens and swallows bob*
by Thecopyrightmaster March 17, 2018
The worst insult in the entire English language. Every time this insult is used, an alternate universe is destroyed. This insult is so powerful it can't be countered.
Friend 1: Ur grandpap a trap
Friend 2: Well ur brother a mother
*thousands of alternate universes spontaneously combust*
by Xx_Gay_Jesus_Xx March 15, 2018
The most dangerous phrase more deadly than “Ur mom Gay” “Ur dad lesbian” “ur granny a tranny” “ur granpap a trap” & “ur sister a mister
-Peasent “Ur sister a mister” *ground shakes and tress fall all around you
-You (an intellectual)

“Ur brother a mother!!!” the peasent flies away from shock and fies in the air, the ground turns to lava and he enitre universe dies... al that remains is you, ready to make your own universe... one where you are the god